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Cardboard Recycling

Cardboard is the single largest component of municipal solid waste around the world, thus it becomes Necessary for everyone to involve themselves in recycling cardboard, be it on a small scale at home or On an industrial level where companies change their manufacturing techniques to incorporate Cardboard recycling.

Two Types Of Cardboarded Boxes

There are two different types of cardboard that are considered recyclable; the first one is the tangled/ Messy kind of cardboard generally seen in packaging materials which is often called corrugated Cardboard. The second kind of cardboard is all around us be it cereal boxes, shirt boxes, shoes boxes or maybe frozen stuff, this second kind of cardboard is called flat around or paperboard. Thin cardboard material can be processed with paper since it is a slim cardboard form and is acceptable with paper recycling plants. However any cardboard which is thicker in nature should be first flattened out and unfolded before you can send it for recycling, the reason for unfolding the cardboard before recycling is that itis easier to transport and store when it is flattened out since it occupies less space and a large volume can be deposited and transported at the same time. Some cardboard types are non recycling like milk cartons are one example because they are wax coated to prevent leakage. Over 85% of all products that are sold in the Bahamas are packed in cardboard.

Need To Know Information

544,000 Trees can be saved every year if every house hold in the Bahamas replaced just one roll of virg├Čn fiber paper towels, which is 70 sheets with 100 percent one. For every one ton of cardboard that we recycle we can save 9 cubic yards of landfill space. Bahamas Waste has recently started the process of recycling cardboard at our facility. Throughout our process of collecting, sorting and packaging used cardboard we have collected from 18 vendors at the present. Once the cardboard has been properly packaged it is then shipped to recycling plants abroad to Be transformed into a reusable product.



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